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BRown Recluse Spider Treatments

Although brown recluse spiders are in fact venomous, they are not generally aggressive spiders. When they do bite humans however, it’s usually because they’ve become trapped against human skin, such as within clothing, shoes, or bedsheets, by accident. There’s no need to be alarmed if you see one but haven’t been bitten, they are quite common here in North Alabama & Southern Middle Tennessee.
Contacting an experienced pest control professional for proper identification is the best way to know if you’ve in fact found a brown recluse inside your home, whether or not it is likely an outsider coming in, or if your home may have an actual brown recluse “infestation”.
A Redhawk Pest Control professional, armed with many years of studying and managing this often feared pest in the area, will first do a thorough inspection of your home’s interior and exterior to accurately identify the spiders you’re dealing with and determine the best treatment option moving forward.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are typically nocturnal insects that often infest people’s homes after translocating from another source. They are proficient hitch-hikers and can come in on furniture, bags, clothing, shoes, purses, or many other ways. Adults are brownish-red in color, oval in shape, and may seem flattened in appearance. Bed bugs lurk in cracks and crevices, especially in and near beds, or just about anywhere that people spend time. They will usually emerge to feed at night– but they are happy to work around their hosts’ schedule, becoming very adaptive to their “host’s” patterns. Bed bugs are not currently known to carry disease, but their bites cause severe irritation and swelling in the majority of people. Left untreated, infestation numbers can get quite high, especially in situations where a blood meal is readily available such as the case in hospitals, home-health, bed-ridden individuals, etc.
Infestations can be started with just one mated female, and populations can double in as little as two weeks. Don’t wait until it’s too late, if you suspect you may have bed bugs, schedule an in-home inspection with our certified inspector. We can eradicate bed bugs in the event of an infestation using a variety of treatments options available, or if you are in a high risk situation, we have some preventative treatment options available as well.

Yellow Jacket/Hornet treatment

Yellow jackets, due to their black and yellow coloring, are sometimes mistaken for bees. These stinging insects, despite their small size (approximately 12 mm in length), can pack a painful punch when stinging and can be aggressive when threatened. Many times yellow jacket nests are found by unsuspecting individuals while mowing the yard due to the yellow jackets tendency to nest in holes in the ground. Once disturbed, a nest of these angry insects will usually succeed at stinging an individual multiple times before getting away to safety.
Hornets, specifically the Bald-Faced Hornet can also be a very painful, and dangerous encounter if a nest is disturbed. The most evident difference from the bald-faced hornet and the yellow jacket is the bald-faced hornets nests. They typically like to build aerial nests on tree branches or under eaves of homes and can commonly build a volleyball size and larger paper mache nest.
If you suspect you have yellow jackets, or bald-faced hornets nesting on your property, it is best to stay clear of the area until a professional arrives to asses the situation and determine if/what treatment is necessary. DO NOT attempt to pour gasoline on them as this can often lead to multiple unnecessary, and avoidable, stings. It isn’t worth it.

Fire Ant Treatments

Fire ants are more than just unsightly annoyances whose large mounds you hit with the lawnmower; when their ever-expanding territories are disrupted, these aggressive pests attack and sting repeatedly. Take control of fire ant infestations today and protect your family and pets by allowing Redhawk Pest Control to tailor a treatment to properties needs.

Flea/Tick treatment

When it comes to pet owners, fleas and ticks are two of the most well-known pests. Because both of these annoying insects feed on blood, they require a host to survive. Furry animals, such as our beloved dogs and cats, as well as small rodents, make ideal hosts because they have enough of blood and their fur provides protection, shelter, and disguise from predators. This becomes a major issue for both you and your pet’s family members.
Tick and flea problems come in various shapes and sizes, but rest assured that Redhawk Pest Control has just the solution for them. We know how fleas and ticks behave, and whether indoor or outdoor, we’ll customize a treatment for your property that will have these pests packing their bags in no time.


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