Modern Day Solutions

RedHawk uses the most advanced treatment methods and products in the industry today. We start by inspecting each property for any existing pest infestations and pest harborage areas or “conducive conditions” to determine the level of treatment required. When treating an active infestation, it is important to identify the specific pest as well as the source of it, such as the food source it may be utilizing.

Skilled Professionals

As part of the inspection, our skilled team will make note of any harborage areas, entry points, and any other factors conducive to pests. One treatment does not fit all, we use our many years of experience and studying the local pests to prescribe the proper treatment for each pest. We offer a variety of affordable and effective treatment options and service programs which will be recommended specifically based on your needs.
In order to solve any active pest issues and begin providing a barrier to keep new pests away, our general pest control treatments may use a combination of residual pesticides and/or baits placed in and around your home. Once any interior based pest has been mitigated, exterior applications are the key to keeping new pest entry to a minimum. Remember, in the wrong hands, pesticides can be dangerous; you should only trust true professionals who are licensed, certified, and experienced with the handling of pesticides around your home and property. Exterior, preventative treatments are also a great way to reduce the need to put unnecessary pesticides inside your home or business. Because pesticides do degrade in the elements such as the UV rays of the sun, we provide pest control maintenance programs on a monthly and quarterly basis to replenish the exterior, preventative “barrier”, depending on the needs of the property.

What's included

This service includes an exterior perimeter treatment to create a barrier between a wide variety of local pests and your home or business. As a courtesy, all monthly and quarterly exterior services come with an included spider web and wasp nest removal from the eaves and around doorways of your home. We understand that our customers lead very busy lives; work, school, kid’s sports, dinner…the list goes on! This is why our “no-hassle” exterior preventative services are ideal for the busy family on the go. Coupled with our available “Auto-Pay” discount which allows you to save an additional percentage off of your pest control service fee while further simplifying the process for yourself, it’s no wonder this is most requested option. Our services are designed to be out of sight, out of mind. We simply service your property and re-apply the pest barrier, based on the program type chosen, while we are your neighborhood each round. Of course, should you find yourself in a situation where an invasion has occurred between visits, don’t sweat it. It can happen at times due to the nature of the numerous pests that inhabit our area, combined with the unpredictable weather patterns of North Alabama & Southern Middle Tennessee, but we are only a phone call away! Give us a call today 256-975-8817


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